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The boring part.

Please read the following Service Disclaimer:

Updated 08.11.2017

By using any service provided by Campus Cleaners LLC and/or its independent contractors you are explicitly stating that you agree with all terms and conditions expressed in this agreement. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions please discontinue use of any services related to or provided by Campus Cleaners LLC.

From here forth "Campus Cleaners", "us", and "we"​ all refer to Campus Cleaners LLC as an independent entity.

"Laundry Service", "Laundry Valet", "On-demand Laundry" all refer to the proprietary Campus Cleaners Valet Laundry Service.

These terms and conditions in their entirety are the property of Campus Cleaners LLC and can be modified at our discretion any time without prior notice. 

Although the owners of this company are proud Arizona State University student and alum, Campus Cleaners LLC as an independent entity is not affiliated with Arizona State University in any way. 


  • Campus Cleaners does NOT guarantee the removal of stains such as, rust, mildew or others caused by hard water build-up or lack of maintenance.

  • All areas should be free of clutter.

  • We require to be informed of items or surfaces needing special care for an additional price.

  • We are NOT responsible for damage due to fault and/or improper installation of any item.

  • All surfaces (i.e. marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm.

  • Furniture on wood floors is expected to have proper protection.


  • We only clean windows and blinds that are within our tech’s reach.

  • For safety, no other jobs should be done while we are cleaning.

  • No heavy furniture will be moved.


Campus Cleaners is a local company that relies primarily on word-of-mouth recommendations, so please communicate any concerns you might have about the service disclaimer or a house cleaning experience with our company. We want to make sure your experience is great so you share it with others.

If you have any further questions please contact us by using the form on the Home Page.



Please remember that if your living space is located within a building that requires a form of secured entry, you will be responsible for escorting our tech into the premises. If this is the case please make sure to include instructions for entry in the notes section of your service order form.

You are only required to be at your living space to let one of our techs in at the designated time you chose. We prefer that a resident remain in the residence until service is completed. We are not responsible for locking doors or other forms of entry into the living space. 

There will be a five (5) minute period where our tech will arrive and wait for you to answer the door. If you have provided special instructions or need to escort our tech in the building we will attempt three(3) phone calls within a 5 minute period. After the five-minute period is over the tech will leave. Missed service is non-refundable and if it is a pre-paid service.


1. We are often handling things that aren't normally touched (pictures not hung securely (e.g. with thumb tacks), top heavy items with unstable bases, wobbly, tipping objects). Each incident is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please remove unstable breakables to a place we do not clean.

1a. In order to file a claim, you must photograph the broken item within 24 hours of our service and submit it to with your name and date/time of service. Our claims team will review each item on a case by case basis. You must also have a verification of value document, such as a receipt or bank statement showing indisputable proof of purchase.

2. We will pay up to $100 per broken item, when value is verifiable. If the damage is valued at more than $100, a Liability Insurance Claim and Investigation will need to be opened through our insurance carrier.

3. In some cases we will have the broken item repaired by a professional restoration company. Breakage values over $25 must be verified before replacement or reimbursement will be authorized. Please save the broken item for our inspection. Breakage must be reported within 24 hours of discovery.



  1. Pre-paid laundry and cleaning service products are non-refundable and carry no monetary value. They may not be re-sold or redistributed without Campus Cleaners LLC’s explicit written permission.

  2. Campus Cleaners LLC accepts ONLY the following forms of payment for services:

  • Cash

  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Venmo 

  • Paypal 

Payments must be rendered before or no later than immediately after completion of service. This applies to both laundry and cleaning services.

  • If your payment method is expired or otherwise invalid, a secondary form of payment will be required.

  • When using our Laundry Valet service; if no payment is remitted upon return of items, you the customer, forfeits all items serviced during that order until full payment is remitted to Campus Cleaners.


Our laundry service is washed, dried, and folded through us and our third party vendor. It is transported by our employees and/or contractors. Any discretion, terms and conditions when it comes to laundry services will be handled through us and our third party vendor. If an issue arises regarding laundry please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist!

1. Damage or Deterioration of items

Campus Cleaners strives to provide the utmost care for all of your items. You are our biggest priority. We provide separate bags for your convenience so that you are in control of how your items are washed and dried.  

Due to the nature of clothing and different manufacturer quality, Campus Cleaners does not guarantee against damage, discoloration, deterioration, bleeding or shrinkage. By using our service, you acknowledge this explicit statement. We are also not responsible for previously damaged or ripped items that deteriorate after being submitted for service. Although it is rare, machine washing these items may result in further damage. Campus Cleaners wants you to be 120% satisfied with your service and we believe that honesty and transparency is the best practice.

If you feel that an item was damaged by negligence or in transport, we ask that you file a damage claim by emailing

Your claim will be reviewed by one of our claims team members and you will be required to send in photographic evidence to support your claim within 48 hours of the original service date. Upon verification of your claim, Campus Cleaners may reimburse you up to and no more than two (2) times the cost of your original service. Claims may take up to 14 days to process from start to finish.

Lost Items

If you feel that an item has been lost after receiving your items back, a written claim must be filed to within 48 hours of the conclusion of your service. For a claim to be accepted, you must submit photographic evidence of a receipt for your item. Campus Cleaners takes great pride in its service and honesty. Campus Cleaners monitors its washing facilities in partnership with its third party vendor. Rest assured that we will conduct a full investigation should a viable claim arise. Should a fraudulent claim be discovered, Campus Cleaners reserves the right to terminate any further business with you and/or pursue any legal action to the extent permitted by law.


For a full refund the cancellation must occur 24 or more hours before the scheduled time of service. Anything between 6 hours and 24 hours will be subject to a 50% refund. Any cancellation within less than 6 hours of scheduled service time is non-refundable.

Cancellations may be requested via phone call to 480.808.9664 or email to ONLY. If a representative is not able to answer your call, please leave a detailed voice message with your full name, service time and address. 

Campus Cleaners LLC reserves the right to refuse service at its discretion.

May Launch Promo Details:

If you're one of the lucky few that got one of our launch flyers you are entitled to early bird introductory pricing for your first service with us!


This includes:

- a limited time offer of $99 for the move-out deep clean(a $130 value)

- 50% off your first one-time service(excluding the move-out deep clean service above)

- 50% off your first month with any Campus Cleaners subscription service

- Keep in mind that you must have the special introductory flyer available to redeem your promotion. This promotion is valid through 7/31/2017 and is subject to our terms and conditions.

Back to School Promotion Details:

If you were lucky enough to win a prize card on our prize wheel during back to school week, please read below for official rules and conditions.

- Prize cards with a GOLD monetary amount and owner's signature written, may be redeemed for one full calendar year and do not expire until August 2018. These cards carry no monetary value. You may not combine prize cards with any other offers or discounts.

- Said prize cards carry unique codes that may only be used once. It is your responsibility to keep your code safe until you use it. These codes let us know what the prize card can be used for. Keep in mind certain prize cards are good for exclusively laundry or exclusively cleaning services.

- Signed prize cards MUST be handed over to Campus Cleaners upon completion of service to apply promotional value. Codes or photographic images of said cards will not be accepted.

- If the cost of service exceeds that of your prize card, the remaining balance must be paid via one of our accepted payment methods at the completion of service.

- Cards cannot be used as tips

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