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The Difference Between Cleaning and a Professional Cleaning Solution.

There’s cleaning... and then there’s cleaning. Here at Complete Cleaners, we offer professional home cleaning solutions that go beyond just the usual service. Now, more than ever, we must all work hard to keep our homes clean and free from dirt, bacteria and other unwanted elements we are all so worried about.

We know how relaxing it is to come home to a clean house, walk on squeaky clean floors, take a bath in a sparkling clean bathroom, lounge around a dust-free sun-room – you get the picture. But we also realize that cleaning the house isn’t just a one-person show. Cleaning up or maintaining a tidy house is a team effort. That is why we have a team of cleaning professionals ready to be that solution for you! Complete Cleaners is one of the valley's most trusted professional home cleaning service providers.

Complete Cleaners take professional home cleaning to a whole new level with the following in-demand services:

Residential Home Cleaning

AirBnB and Short-Term Rental Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning

Window Washing

Professional home cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated, and Complete Cleaners makes sure that clients receive an unparalleled level of peace of mind and convenience. Booking professional home cleaning with Complete Cleaners is as easy as 1,2,3! Simply select the service that you need, book your preferred date and time and our cleaning teams will be right at your door ready to make your house look and smell like new.

We also know that security and peace of mind is a major factor when choosing the best professional home cleaning service provider. Complete Cleaners ensures that all cleaning professionals have been fully background-checked so you can entrust your abode to us with confidence.

Our team at Complete Cleaners knows that time is very precious to everyone and knows the extremely hectic and busy lifestyle that we lead as Americans. We have so many things on our minds, that sometimes we just forget things; even those that are supposed to make our lives easier. But not to worry. We go the extra mile and send automatic text or email reminders to our valued clients to remind them of their scheduled professional home cleaning service appointment.

Professional Home Cleaning vs Covid-19

In these unforeseen circumstances, now is the time that professional home cleaning services are needed the most. By making sure that each and every bedroom in the house is clean and free from germs and viruses, the chances of you or a family member getting sick can be greatly reduced.

Professional home cleaning services are essential, especially for busy individuals who have a very tight schedule. Complete Cleaners absolutely understands that predicament and works on that premise to provide professional home cleaning to local clients at a reasonable price and hassle-free bookings.

Complete Cleaners have taken extra precautions against Covid-19 and we guarantee that our cleaning solutions are thorough and powerful enough to rid your house of the germs you don't want lying around– whether they are visible or unseen by the naked eye. We are providing complimentary sanitation of high traffic areas completely free. Every day, Complete Cleaners is doing its part to help stop the spread.

DIY Vs. Professional Home Cleaning Services

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, cleaning the house can be invigorating and even stress-relieving! You can start by cleaning the blinds, sanitizing the kitchen, vacuuming the carpet, polishing those bathroom fixtures, and the list goes on. Once you are done, you might find yourself with an overwhelming sense of relief and accomplishment.

But in the real world, we know that is not always a possibility. Cleaning the house may actually be overwhelming, especially if you have a tight and busy schedule. So give yourself a break, you deserve it – book with Complete Cleaners for hassle-free professional home cleaning services.

Complete Cleaners professional home cleaning services are available in the following locations: Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Gilbert and Mesa. If you or someone you know need a hand with cleaning, book with confidence and give Complete Cleaners a call.

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