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At Complete Cleaners, we believe that every service should leave your home feeling fresh and smelling brand new.
That is why we have an extensive quality checklist that we complete for each and every cleaning, no matter what!

Complete Comforts Kitchen Cleaning


Wipe down outer surface of refrigerator


Wipe down outer surface of oven and stovetop


Wipe down all countertops


Clean all components of microwave


Clean cabinet outer surfaces


Polish sink and faucets


Sweep and mop floor


Clean floor under kitchen mats


Wipe down backsplash and wall surfaces


Wash dishes in sink


Dispose of all trash


Wipe down window ledges and blinds


Dust ceiling fan 

Bathroom Toilet


Sanitize inside of toilet bowl

Wipe down and disinfect outer surface of toilet


Streak-free wipe down of mirrors


Wipe and disinfect sinks


Polish sink faucets


Wipe down outer surface of cabinets


Scrub and sanitize shower/tub floor


Clean glass shower doors


Clean shower head


Disinfect light switches and outlets


Dust light fixtures


Dust and wipe down bathroom exhaust fans


Sweep floors


Mop all tile


Dispose of all trash


Clean shower tile grout

Image by Francesca Tosolini

Bedrooms & Living Spaces

 Dust and wipe down wooden/metal flat surfaces

Carefully dust around electronics. 


Streak-free wipe down of interior windows


Lightly dust blinds


Vacuum if needed


Swiffer wooden floors


Make bed and organize pillows if needed


Dust fans and light fixtures


Dispose of all trash


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